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Some News…. About “Nothing Is Ever Finished”

Hello !

Long time since I updated. I was busy. But I don’t forget my readers. Actually I am finishing to translate the last chapter of Nothing Is Ever Finished. — I wonder if it was wise to name this story like this. Because I fell sometimes that I will never finished it. Kidding ! 😄 — And so, I will update soon the story. But I have one problem. Previously I updated my stories on FanFiction.net. But it appeared that my stories and my poetry was removed without my knowledge from my profil page on FanFiction. So I asked some help from the support team of FanFiction for explanation. Strangely my works is not removed from the FanFiction App. 😳 So… I don’t know what the problem is.

Actually, I can’t update on Fanfiction. But I am working on putting on line my stories on my catalog (see the link on the top menu) on Pressbooks. It was my intention since a long time. But, before to do that, I wanted to take time to make some corrections on the text. Because my grammar is really bad in some chapters.  Too, I wanted to restructure the chapters. And so, because I have not found anglophone beta reader to help me with the correction.

But cause of these circonstances, I will update the story despite my bad grammar. I will work on it later.