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Joy and Happiness to you all


As you know, First May is the Labour Day in the most land in the world. But in France is too a day where people offer a lily of the valley to friends and family to bring them Luck.
This custom come from our King Charles IV who, at the age of ten years old, had offered a lily of the walley to all the ladies present the day of his accession to the throne in 1561.

We visit this day our relatives and friends to exchange sprig of Lilly of the valley.

So I offer you all this little sprig of lily of the valley, in wishing this one will bring you Joy and Happiness for all year.

A Big Thank

The NaPoWriMo takes end today. It was my first one and a real challenge for me to write poetry in english. At least to do it all days. But I finally managed to end it. I was so glad to see that I had some people who followed me during this month and this gave me the courage to continue. I want to thank all my followers and my readers known or unknown. I don’t know if my words have some value to say the truth. I am sure there is a lot of clumsiness inside. Only you could say. But I did it with my heart and soul. It was a real pleasure to share this with you.

I will not stop there. I decided to continue from time to time to share here my poetry in french and english too. But not all days.  😀
I am writing some novel and fiction too, and I need to continue this ones for the moment.

Don’t hesitate to say me what you have thought about my poetry.
Again, a big thank to you all.