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You’re my drug,
My heroin.
My desperation.
A painful desire.

An irresistible need eats me,
to touch you, to kiss you,
to feel your hand
so desperately.
The urge to feel
your skin on my skin
then, your lips on my lips.
Playing the indifference
as I wait for the invasion.
Fighting for control
while impatient to surrender.

I lick you and bite you so strongly
to mark you as mine
drived by a cruel instinct,
wanting to taste blood, yours,
as you take me,
as you move inside me.
Your darker skin brushing past my pale one.
Smelling the spicy perfum of love,
as I look at your eyes when the pleasure takes you.
Crying when finally I lost control, taken away by the passion.

Later, letting myself so languid in your arms
defenseless when the storm of love subside
as we try to make our breath calm down
your eyes in mine as you stay still in me
making this instant last,
before the inexorable separation.

Then, hidden in the hollow of your shoulder
closing my eyes, I bury my tears in silence
and I smile to not cry,
feeling already the lack.

Violet Suki © november 2018

My breathing

I feel the sufffering in my body.

If I let the fear conquer me I can’t do anything.
And I am lost.
I fall.
I feel like a slave.
And the defeat is in my soul.

But if I look to my fear squarely, if I keep all my minds on what I do.
I can push my body to the limit.
I can be high.
I can conquer.
I can defeat the darkness.

Always more high, again and again.
Only focused on the need to move forward, to go up, in spite of the pain.
To keep the rythme.
To be the best.
To feel my body do what I want.
To move on all the gestures with grace, elegance, power and creativity.
To be in control.

At the end my body exhausted, I know : nothing is impossible.
Forgotten the fall.
Forgotten the hurt.
Forgotten the defeat.
Only the pleasure to give all of me, to gain my freedom.

I feel strong
I feel free.
I am free.
I feel like I can conquer the world.
It’s a drug.
I can’t stop that.
It’s my breathing ; only my breathing.

© Violet Suki, 2013

Remains of love

I’ll love you until the end.
A couple
Hugging, kissing.

I love you
Even if the death takes me
Even if the illness is killing my memory.

I love you

You’re the beginning and the end.
The new and the old
The fire and the ice

I love you

My body is suffering
My mind too
But… Me and you.

I love you
I love you

Time flee
And your souvenir too
What will stay in the end ?

I love you

A whisper says.
Something floats in the air
A fragrance, a melody who sings

I love you

Reminbering me of your smile
Green eyes for ever lost
Drowning in an ocean of tears

I love you

I hate you too
You let me
Giving me up on this Earth

I love you

But I am so tired sometimes
So tired to suffer and to wait
Will peace come soon ?

Will I see you soon ?
O dear, I have waited such a longtime
Losing day after day who I am.

I love you

It is time.
Time to give up.
In the end, only ashes remain.

© Violet Suki, 2018

I think of you

Special dedication to my friend Ram
As ciccadas sing
And the sun shines
Looking in the distance
My soul flies

Despite the space
I think of you
Despite silence
I think of you

Through the air
Crossing the lands
Bearing my prayer
My thought runs

Despite the space
I think of you
Despite silence
I think of you

For The Dust

Hommage to Charlie Hebdo and victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.
Hommage à Charlie Hebdo et aux victimes des attentats terroristes à Paris

For the dust

Cries of rage and fear
The bodies fall on the ground
Hurt in their fleshes
Heroes despite them of invisible war.

Stricken down by blind hate
Liberty bites the dust
Under the blow of prayers
And promises of eternity

The promised Glory, just a decoy.
An illusion that tears
Like a cloud pushed by the wind
That hides only the nothingness.

Pour la poussière

Cris de rage et de peur
Les corps tombent à terre
Touchés dans leurs chairs
Héros malgré eux d’une guerre invisible.

Fauchés par la haine aveugle
La Liberté mord la poussière
Sous le coup des prières
Et des promesses d’éternité.

La Gloire promise, juste un leurre.
Une illusion qui se déchire
Comme un nuage poussé par le vent
Qui ne cache que le vide.

6. Riding for Eternity

O my mind ! Tourmented and sad
Running on the wind without respite.

Searching the impossible,
Wanting the pinnacle.

My desire will never stop.
The world is not enough
Infinity, not an end.

Holding out my hand,
I brought you in my world.
Excessiveness and madness.

Your faithfull was not fruitless
Pantheon is our last family.
Riding side by side for Eternity.