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I think of you

Special dedication to my friend Ram
As ciccadas sing
And the sun shines
Looking in the distance
My soul flies

Despite the space
I think of you
Despite silence
I think of you

Through the air
Crossing the lands
Bearing my prayer
My thought runs

Despite the space
I think of you
Despite silence
I think of you

For The Dust

Hommage to Charlie Hebdo and victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.
Hommage à Charlie Hebdo et aux victimes des attentats terroristes à Paris

For the dust

Cries of rage and fear
The bodies fall on the ground
Hurt in their fleshes
Heroes despite them of invisible war.

Stricken down by blind hate
Liberty bites the dust
Under the blow of prayers
And promises of eternity

The promised Glory, just a decoy.
An illusion that tears
Like a cloud pushed by the wind
That hides only the nothingness.

Pour la poussière

Cris de rage et de peur
Les corps tombent à terre
Touchés dans leurs chairs
Héros malgré eux d’une guerre invisible.

Fauchés par la haine aveugle
La Liberté mord la poussière
Sous le coup des prières
Et des promesses d’éternité.

La Gloire promise, juste un leurre.
Une illusion qui se déchire
Comme un nuage poussé par le vent
Qui ne cache que le vide.

6. Riding for Eternity

O my mind ! Tourmented and sad
Running on the wind without respite.

Searching the impossible,
Wanting the pinnacle.

My desire will never stop.
The world is not enough
Infinity, not an end.

Holding out my hand,
I brought you in my world.
Excessiveness and madness.

Your faithfull was not fruitless
Pantheon is our last family.
Riding side by side for Eternity.

4. The Sun

Overpowering on the path to Siwa,
Assassin in the desert of Gedrosia,
Bitting our skin, on the long way.
Burning our eyes as we went away
In trying to escape the cruel caress.
We praised the Gods to be alive. O yes !

As, on the horizon, the Sun faded away.
Eased to be not anymore his prey,
Lady night re-covered little by little the world.
In the darkness, as the flames whirled,
Men around the fire searched the warmth
As the coldness invaded the earth.

By you, all their eyes are attracted.
You shined by the way you acted,
Finding in your presence, force to continue.
I came by your side, walking with you
Like a butterfly following the light,
In the silence of the night.

You were always my Sun.
You were always the one.
Without you… Without you, I broke apart
In lack of the warmth of your heart.
Maybe I have burnt my wings to your heat.
But… It was worth it to drop off my life to your feet.

3. The Rain

The rain falls without stopping since days, maybe weeks.
And storms and lightnings run out of patience our nerves.
Our body already on our last legs, are soaked and dirty.
The soil can’t drink more. Mud and water are everywhere.
Impregnating all. Nothing escape this ambient humidity.
Nothing !

Nobody can fight the feeling of despair and exhaustion that is filling us.
This invisible enemy out of control can’t be vanquish.
We can only wait and see.
But the waiting is killing us, making us crazy.
The Nature, become hostile, reminds us to our mortal state.
The rain falls. And it seems, it will fall until the end of all days.

In this moment of doubt, the lower glow feeds our hope of bright lights.
But as soon as this one disappears, our hope disappears in the same time.
Tiring a little more our nerves. Increasing our resentment.

My hope is somewhere else. When my despair becomes too high.
I touch my necklace and sigh.
Finding in this simple touch, the reassurance I need in dark hours.
I look at you and my mind calms down. I found the force to continue.
To forget for a moment, even few, the rain and the storm.
No need light, no need hope when you enlighten my heart.

The Leaf And The Wind

I wrote this little poem first in French and give here the two versions.

NOTE : For those who will be astonished I speak about the leaf as “she”, in french a leaf is feminine and even if it is certainly strange in english, I decide to keep the gender in english too.

The leaf and the wind

The leaf quivers in the wind
Swinging in the breeze’s rhythm
Despite his fragile appearance
The wind could persist
The indomptable resists
She knows the time will come
To give up all
But for now, she laughs
At the vain attempt
The wind will not bring her
At least, not today.


(in French)

La feuille et le vent

La feuille frissonne dans le vent
Se balançant au rythme de la brise
Malgré sa fragile apparence
Le vent a beau s’acharner
L’indomptable résiste
Elle sait que le temps viendra
De tout abandonner
Mais pour l’heure, elle se rit
Des vaines tentatives
Le vent ne l’emportera pas
Du moins, pas aujourd’hui.