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A Big Thank

The NaPoWriMo takes end today. It was my first one and a real challenge for me to write poetry in english. At least to do it all days. But I finally managed to end it. I was so glad to see that I had some people who followed me during this month and this gave me the courage to continue. I want to thank all my followers and my readers known or unknown. I don’t know if my words have some value to say the truth. I am sure there is a lot of clumsiness inside. Only you could say. But I did it with my heart and soul. It was a real pleasure to share this with you.

I will not stop there. I decided to continue from time to time to share here my poetry in french and english too. But not all days.  😀
I am writing some novel and fiction too, and I need to continue this ones for the moment.

Don’t hesitate to say me what you have thought about my poetry.
Again, a big thank to you all.

30. Sense of Life

Suite of words
Without aim
No direction, no sense
Only the space
Emptiness of words
Emptiness of substance
What the point of all this ?
All is illusion
And nothing has meaning
Definitively not God
Some days
My soul tormented
I would like to rise the world
To relieve myself from turmoil
Hamlet, my soft Prince
I understand
And me too I wonder
If we have or not to be.

29. The Music

Some words…
And all sudden I fly
In front of me open
Never dreamed horizons
Of beauty and pleasure
A soft euphoria fills me
Around me a melodic wind
Runs and dances without end
Takes me and rises me
As smile then laugh
Explode in my heart
Then, softly, without hurry,
Music brings me back
In the bed of silence.

25. Oracle

Looking in the distance the halo,
Resolute, crossing the rainbow
From the Beauty among the beauties,

His life, the warrior sacrifies.
To save, in spite of all, his lover,
As he passes the doors of color.

At the second passage,
In the castle, Death, passive,
During seven days, will wait.

The king, defying the fate,
This time, could not vanquish.
Forever, the Light will vanish.