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New Gucci Guilty 2016

I like Fashion. I like Venice, Italy . A place  I visited long time ago but for whom I keep a particular place in my heart.  I like Jared Leto. So to see three subjects that retain my interest in the new video of Gucci Guilty was exciting. Alessandro Michele who directed the video has a thing for androgyny. And I must say that I have a weakness for this subject too.

I liked the way he shows Venice, ethereal. This kind of delicateness that we find too in the characters. It reminds me of Turner’s paintings. I like the way the camera plays with the reflects in water or mirror. And this softness who slides from one image to another gives some kind of sensuality and romantism. An impression reinforced by intimate moments between the boy and the girls. Intimacy is the word to describe this video. You hold your breath from fear to disturb. We are in place of a voyeur surprising hidden instants.