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For whatever reason…

I didn’t have access to news for some days. I was in my bubble, working. When I decide to join again the rest of the world, I receive a notification on Twitter about Christchurch. And I was horrified by the news.

For whatever reason, religion, color of your skin, sexuality, etc. Whatever the form hate may take, nothing can justify mass murder.


Life is precious. Life is a little miracle. And those who wipe this little light out are sacrilege.

Extremist from all horizons are wrong. Because none ideology, political or religious can justify to sacrify human lives. History is full of exemples in this sense. Sadly a part of Humanity tends forward to forget or erase what disturb their aim. Or deform the meaning to reach their target.

Murder is not the solution. Murder was never the solution.

Violence is the response of powerless. Of those who giving up their humanity let free will to their animality. Of those who give up the power of words for the one of weapons.

Sad observation.

This little flame in memory of the victims, to say my solidarity with the families, and my sadness.