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Music in Antiquity

Making some search about music and instruments in Antiquity for one of my stories, I found this very interesting website that I want to share with you :


(Click on the photos to extend)

Photos legends : 1. Aulos (transverse flute), 2. Greek zither, 3. Kroupeza (percussion), 4. Lyre with seven strings, 5. Lyre with eight strings,

It is about a specialist in Ancient Greek and Roman music, Annie Bélis, who wanted to revive Ancient musical repertoire. For this, her and her ensemble were helped by two lutthiers who built the instruments like the authentic ones used in Greek and Roman antiquity.

After 15 centuries of oblivion, Annie Bélis and the Ensemble Kerylos bring back to life some part of pieces like Euripides’ Oreste, The Seikilos Song or the two Delphic Hymns to Pythian Apollo. What it is interesting on this website is that you can listen some extracts of music, even without buying the album. So, you can have an idea of what was like the music of this age. And I must say that I was really surprised in a nice way and also moved to discover this music after centuries of silence.

On the website, you will find too a presentation of the instruments used and their recording project (I chose to show you only the Greek ones). Sadly, on the english version they didn’t translated the articles about the repertoire, the extracts and the videos. So if you want to listen some extracts you have to go in the french version there :

In the videos, the first one, Anne Bélis pays hommage to Alexander the Great in saying they will listen to a music that this music’s conoisseur has loved and others, more recent, that he certainly would love. Each video is a presentation of different musical pieces. Anne Bélis and her musicians plunge us back in the universe of each chosen moments through history first. And it is very interesting to learn some story about musicians’ life and creation of some pieces.

Like, for example, the famous Themoteus of Miley who revolutionized antique music in adding until to four strings to the lyre. Creating innovative compositions who were criticated by the conservative Spartans and Athenians. These critics was so severe that Themotheus thought to suicide. But, fortunately, he received the support of Euripides who made him change his mind. Euripedes would have said : ” Those people who hate you, they will be one day to your knees “. Finally Themoteus joined Euripides in Macedon under the reign of Archaleus I (ancestor of Alexander the Great). So Alexander must have known and listened to his music.

About the Ensemble KERYLOS :
It was created in 1990 by Annie Bélis. Its interest goes to the interpretation of vocal and instrumental partitions from Greek and Roman Antiquity.
Its name came from a poetic term by which Ancients designated the legendary bird Halcyon and from the “hellenistic” villa built in Beaulieu-sur-mer (France) under archeologist Theodore Reinach‘s direction, a pionner in the study of antique music. This one with the help of Henri Weil, sigh-readed two hymns to Apollo discovered in Delphi and published in 1893 and 1894.

I think of you

Special dedication to my friend Ram
As ciccadas sing
And the sun shines
Looking in the distance
My soul flies

Despite the space
I think of you
Despite silence
I think of you

Through the air
Crossing the lands
Bearing my prayer
My thought runs

Despite the space
I think of you
Despite silence
I think of you

For The Dust

Hommage to Charlie Hebdo and victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.
Hommage à Charlie Hebdo et aux victimes des attentats terroristes à Paris

For the dust

Cries of rage and fear
The bodies fall on the ground
Hurt in their fleshes
Heroes despite them of invisible war.

Stricken down by blind hate
Liberty bites the dust
Under the blow of prayers
And promises of eternity

The promised Glory, just a decoy.
An illusion that tears
Like a cloud pushed by the wind
That hides only the nothingness.

Pour la poussière

Cris de rage et de peur
Les corps tombent à terre
Touchés dans leurs chairs
Héros malgré eux d’une guerre invisible.

Fauchés par la haine aveugle
La Liberté mord la poussière
Sous le coup des prières
Et des promesses d’éternité.

La Gloire promise, juste un leurre.
Une illusion qui se déchire
Comme un nuage poussé par le vent
Qui ne cache que le vide.

A Big Thank

The NaPoWriMo takes end today. It was my first one and a real challenge for me to write poetry in english. At least to do it all days. But I finally managed to end it. I was so glad to see that I had some people who followed me during this month and this gave me the courage to continue. I want to thank all my followers and my readers known or unknown. I don’t know if my words have some value to say the truth. I am sure there is a lot of clumsiness inside. Only you could say. But I did it with my heart and soul. It was a real pleasure to share this with you.

I will not stop there. I decided to continue from time to time to share here my poetry in french and english too. But not all days.  😀
I am writing some novel and fiction too, and I need to continue this ones for the moment.

Don’t hesitate to say me what you have thought about my poetry.
Again, a big thank to you all.