Paris is burning…

The cathedral of Notre Dame is burning. As a former historian of art and Parisian, my heart bleeds with sadness. I have no word…

There is some things around us that we think eternal, Notre Dame is one of this forgone conclusion. Since 856 years, she was and is the heart and soul of Paris. She is the witness of so much events through time.

But you know even if what happened today is a real shock, she will survive and like a phœnix she will rise from her ashes. Because she is a symbol, the memory of our History not only for the French people but also for the rest of the world as a UNESCO heritage site.

It will take time and maybe I will not witness it in this life, but the time will come where she will spread his comforting shadow on Paris again, and lighten our hearts and our souls with her beauty.

The only good news in this catastrophe, there is no casualty. And I pray none firefighter of Paris will be hurt.

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