Flowers of hate

I’ve got a mail from All Out about LGBT+ people in Chechenya and read the press acticles about it.
When we read this kind of tragedy, the world turns frightening. And sometimes, I think that it is a lost battle, that the human are, as say the  quote, a wolf among wolf and there is few hope something ever changes. You would think those atrocities of the past are only there to remember us how much Human being is monstrous thirsty for power and domination feeding from fear and hate. And that words as fraternity, liberty or equality in rights are just vain, meaningless. As if the errors from the past, like people use to call them, were not finaly errors but an asserted will. That the human is only destruction and oppression. that the balance between the malevolence and the benevolence is nothing else that a perpetual fight. The Yin and the Yang hugged for eternity. A weak equilibrium ready to tumble.
And, we ask ourself how to eradicate hate, fear, lack of understanding of the other one. We expect that it is a possibility but finally, looking around us, hope is few to see one day the human acquires enough wisdow, foresight and perspective to succeed. This needs some sacrifices that the Humanity is not ready for. In spite of polishing of ages, the human being stays a primal individual. And none advance as technological as to be will not change this fact. Except for a whole and sincere awareness, atrocities as the ones that took place in the past during our evolution, and those ones that take place today will remain through the world.
On a ground of hate only flowers of terror blossom.
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