Monthly Archives: May 2015

Behind the curtain of life

It’s been a while since I updated. I know. Life is demanding and my muse took some long holiday against my will. This one was really capricious lately. But I convinced her to come back, I hope for a long time. So a little poem about life. I hope you will appreciate it. And I, your comments for sure.


Behind the curtain of life
In front of the curtain hesitantly I stay
Looking at the motif without seeing it
My thoughts and fear flying over it
My hand trembles a moment
As my destiny is hidden behind
In those last instants my fate is blind
Innocent I am and all is yet possible.
But as soon as I will rise that veil
My life will be sealed forever and curtail
As I push the curtain and make a first pace
I stand straight and hold my head high
For a while closing my eyes, I deeply sigh
I go forward on the path of my existence
Without knowing what the future will be
Crossing through the obstacles I foresee
My heart and my brain always fighting
To keep a semblance of control over the life
Chains of fate already bitting my skin like a knife
To experience by ordeals Gods send
I stumble but always rise despite storm
As in your arms I am getting warm
Souls linked by fate overwhelm everything
Even Chronos and Hades will fail against us
Riding and feeling on our faces Zephir’s caress
The world is ours. We lead unstoppable
Laughing under the Sun as we run around it.
Whatever will happen, we will never submit.