5. The Stars

Under a rain of stars, you walk on the sand.
While in a rhythm without end, the waves come and wash up on the beach.
Your silhouette appears in the night, so fragile in front of the immensity.
I join you. Without noise, I came and hold you.
Useless try to surprise you. You smile without turning over.
« Am I so predictable ? »
Your sole answer, your body that give up against mine.
You sigh with pleasure. While the pressure gives way.

Without a word, we share this moment of eternity.
The wind makes fly your hair, stroking my face.
Under my lips put on your skin, the taste of salt.
My tongue doesn’t resist, under the caress you tremble.
Being bold by this spontaneous answer,
I continue my way from your naked shoulder to the neck, so desired.
Trembling under the caresses, you give up your head on my shoulder.
Letting appear under the moon, a white and virgin skin.
My eyes enjoy a moment this purity.
But in all lovers a conqueror lies dormant.

Without waiting, my teeth mark with their seal and almost until blood, their new territory.
Under my hands, your body tense an instant, surprised by this amorous attack.
Your livid gaze say that the response is close.
I prepare myself against the next attack but it is you who surprise me.
Escaping my arms, You flee in laughing, a challenge in your eyes.
I am not Alexander, Prince of Macedon for nothing, I take the challenge.

I go to your chase. One length in advance, you run fast but not enough for me.
At the edge of the waves, I catch you.
Pulled away by the run-up, I bring you in my fall.
Laid on the wet sand, the freshness of a wave cuts your breath.
You cry with surprise.

Under the Stars and the moonlight, your wet chiton let no place to imagination.
In seeing my trouble, your laugh fade.
The breath short yet from our run, your lips are half-open.
My resistance has limits.
Surrounding the place shameless, I take your mouth.

When our lips pull apart, closed eyes, you search your breath.
Then, all of sudden, you lift eyelids, full of stars in your eyes.
I can see my whole universe who materializes. Images of battles and conquest.
Do you understand how much the task will be heavy ?
Do you get the measure of it ?

Hiding my trouble, I distract your gaze, astonished by my silence.
Letting my hand gets lost on your body. Teasing the fire that shines in your eyes.
The insolent stops between your thighs, there, where the skin is so soft.
I smile in feeling the rhythm of your heart accelerates.
Your skin tremble under my fingers.

My gaze crosses yours, bringing a mute question.
Tightening your lips, you nod your acceptation.
Do you know what your agree means ?
The engagement you take by my side will be long and difficult.
If you capitulate now, no possible return.
Your gaze so serious sudden say all I need to know.
Your abandon without restriction to all my desires.
So giving up on my turn, between your thighs, I take my trophy.
Ravishing this body that resisted me such a long time.

You will stay forever my most beautiful conquest.

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