2. The Moon

Since the beginning, you were my faithful lady.
My point of reference during all these years of conquest.
My attentive friend, my confident, my mistress.
Some nights when my pain was so unbearable, you came.
Caressing with softness my hair to appease my sorrow.
Then covering my body with a starry blanket,
You offered your light, in the dark moment.
I could feel your worry at the eve of battle,
Putting a veil back on your face. Were you afraid ?
Or just did you wanted to offer intimacy to lovers,
In these last instants.

Last instants !… What irony !

Alone on my bed, crushed by pain and fever, I look outside.
I can perceive your presence, the rays through the curtains
As always you are there, as always… You came again,
Putting on my feverish forehead light kisses. Caressing my cheek.
No word are required. You know like me. You know my worry.
You nod in silence. I know you will take care of him.
I sigh and close my eyes. My heart so light from now.

I know, I shall not see him again.
Tomorrow is too far and my tiredness is too big.
My breath so light. You call my name, troubled.
I open my eyes and smile.
Holding a hand on your face, I whisper :
« Say him that he must not blame me to leave.
His Patroclus is waiting for him in the Elysium Fields.
My love will never weakened.
And from now on, I let in his care our dreams ».
Exhausted, my hand falls on the sheet.
My eyes become cloudy.
And I fell the cold hand of the Death fallen on my heart and my body.

A soft hand brushes the face, closing the light eyes.
On the bed, the man with a skin of moon color, seems asleep peacefully.
The Moon in a last homage, put a kiss on his lips
And brushes some rebellious strands from his forehead.
Then listening some steps outside the room, she leaves in silence.

The drama can begin…

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