1. To embrace eternity

October is the month of the death of Hephaistion Amintoros, General and close friend of Alexander the Great. This is my first “tribute to Hephaistion 2014”.



You liked so much to take me in your arms.
Finding in this place a refuge to your doubt.
I close my eyes, and yes, I remember…

I could still feel your hands grabbing me.
As if your life depended on this.
As if you took heart in a so simple gesture.

We shared whispering words
That was only ours.
Feeling the warmth of our bodies.

But now… now I feel so feeble,
I search around me in vain.
Only the dark and the cold, I feel.

Clouds in my eyes, rain in my heart.
Through a screen of confusion, a ghost,
A breath in the wind.

I close my eyes again and smile
You are there, I know.
Your warmth on my skin.

I feel your arms around me.
These arms, I missed so much.
Your hands grabbing me so tight.

These hands say to give up all behind me.
My ambition and my empire too. You are right.
I feel so exhausted. It is time to go home.

Your face appears clearly now in front of me.
Your eyes, full of Azur, say the tenderness.
Your smile the reassurance I need.

Holding out your hand, you wait in silence.
Lying on my bed, I can heard the aigle’s shout.
Father, I am ready now and not afraid anymore.

Taking off your ring, in a last offering,
Holding out this one to you, I take your hand.
But I feel a confused regret, as if I lost something.

Turning over for a last gaze, I look beneath us.
My companions, my men, my wives crying.
My corpse. A soft pain tightens my heart.

I feel your hands on my face, I look in your eyes.
Yes, you are right. No more regret. I am so tired.
I just need your arms around me.

Your shoulder where I can put my head to forget.
I close my eyes. No more war. No more fight.
It is time to rest in peace.

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