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The Leaf And The Wind

I wrote this little poem first in French and give here the two versions.

NOTE : For those who will be astonished I speak about the leaf as “she”, in french a leaf is feminine and even if it is certainly strange in english, I decide to keep the gender in english too.

The leaf and the wind

The leaf quivers in the wind
Swinging in the breeze’s rhythm
Despite his fragile appearance
The wind could persist
The indomptable resists
She knows the time will come
To give up all
But for now, she laughs
At the vain attempt
The wind will not bring her
At least, not today.


(in French)

La feuille et le vent

La feuille frissonne dans le vent
Se balançant au rythme de la brise
Malgré sa fragile apparence
Le vent a beau s’acharner
L’indomptable résiste
Elle sait que le temps viendra
De tout abandonner
Mais pour l’heure, elle se rit
Des vaines tentatives
Le vent ne l’emportera pas
Du moins, pas aujourd’hui.

Joy and Happiness to you all


As you know, First May is the Labour Day in the most land in the world. But in France is too a day where people offer a lily of the valley to friends and family to bring them Luck.
This custom come from our King Charles IV who, at the age of ten years old, had offered a lily of the walley to all the ladies present the day of his accession to the throne in 1561.

We visit this day our relatives and friends to exchange sprig of Lilly of the valley.

So I offer you all this little sprig of lily of the valley, in wishing this one will bring you Joy and Happiness for all year.