7. Unconquered

In my thoughts, images open.
Stolen moments of my past
Blend into the present,
Get mixed up in a crazy dance.
Drawing my future.
Predicting my avenir.
Looking a last time behind me, I smile.
You built me, but from now, I fly
My body supported by the wind, I rise.
I will never let you take the rules of my life.
You made me suffering.
But free, I will be.
Goodbye, as from now,
I destroy all my ties.
This travel is mine.
I take the commands
Unknown future in my hands.
I don’t care, I am free.
I dance on the high grass
Like a profane priestess
Feeling the Sun on my naked skin.
I dance heady by the wind.
Arms open to the infinity.
I am free.

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